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Our team of expert power design engineers will develop the most suitable power solution for your application, based on your needs and specification, meeting all required safety standards. throughout the process we will provide you with full service from prototype to mass production. 


Industrial, medical or military grade 10W - 7kW power supplies for demanding applications, base plate or foreced air cooled, single or multi output, 2"x3", 2"x4", 3"x5" industry standard form factor, low leakage, perforated cover or open frame, high reliability products with extended warranty

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Wide selection of to 10W - 400W desktop power supplies, medical or industrial grade, high efficiency, IEC C14, C6 and C8 AC inlet selection, 


BF or CF, 2xMoPP Medical grade power supplies in industry standard form factor, 5V, 12V, 15V, 19V, 24V, 28V, 30V, 54V, 58V outputs, up 10 1.2KW


2.75W - 80W Wall-Mount adaptors, fixed or Interchangeable AC plugs, industrial or medical grade, black / white color, USB, international safety approvals 


Compact and light weight DIN-rail power supplies in industry standard,

30 - 480W, DC input version + redundancy module


configurable power supplies with a total output power of up to 1.2kW that can support up to 16 isolated outputs in any combination of 5, 12, 24, 48 VDC, a double nominal 12V output module and the new dual nominal 24V output module, allowing system designers to create a custom power supply suited to space constrained environments where high reliability and high energy efficiency are key.


Redundant CRPS compatible power supplies designed for storage and network servers, 250W - 1,200W


Extended range of medical and industrial DC-DC converters from 1W to 700W, wide input range of 1:2 to 1:8, high isolation voltage of up to 5kVAC,

non-isolated POL , DIP, SIP, SMT, and Brick type modules


Hi reliability COTS and custom design power supplies that meet Aerospace & Defense industry standards, including DEF STAN 59-411, MIL STD 461,

MIL STD 704, MIL STD 1275 and RTCA DO 160 (Airbus).

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Phihong has successfully developed a family of highly-efficient EV charging products: DC charging modules, auxiliary power, control & supervisor unit (CSU), discrete type DC chargers, integrated type DC chargers, moveable DC chargers, portable DC chargers and AC chargers and wall-mounted and post type AC chargers for EV buses and EV passenger cars.


Wide range of high performance passive and active POE midspans, injectors and racks, from 15W to 90W / port, IEEE802.3 at /af / bt compliant, supporting 1G and 5G transmission rates, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.


From simple coil winding to critical transformer design and manufacturing, audio transformers to RF transformers, standard product lines to custom designs, RF, LAN VoIP, PoE, Home Networking (HomePNA , HomePlug, , XDSL, ISDN, T1/E1, T3/E3, Cable modem, EMI Suppression, RFI Filters , Power Conversion , VoIP, Smart Grid, LED & Lighting, Wireless Charger, and planar transformers


Single / Thress phase / DC input  EMI filter, Low leakage current , high-voltage pulses, high-attenuation (10kHz to 1MHz), 1 or 2 stage filter, low profile


Compact and cost effective, designed especially for the dynamic behaviour of laser systems with up to 12 current outputs for up to 160 kW of electrical power.


We co-develop and manufacture high-quality and reliable coils & linear drives.

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