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160W - 1,200W

Enedo single output AC/DC power supplies are designed for high reliability and efficiency. Small form factors, flexibility and tight adherence to current safety regulations ensure a quality solution that meets the exact needs for a wide variety of applications.


600W - 1,200W

The RCB600 is a modular, configurable multi-output power solution offering unrivaled performance and flexibility. It is capable of delivering 600W from a 5 × 3” 1U (78 x 144 x 41m) package, and is one of the smallest commercially available configurable power solutions on the market today.


200W - 1,200W

Power supplies for hospital and non-hospital environments must adhere to stringent safety regulations and standards including 2x MoPP, MoOP and BF apparatus compliance. By using pre-approved products, designers eliminate risks and speed compliance without jeopardizing critical launch dates.

Enedo is an international company which designs and manufactures custom and standard DC power systems, AC/DC power supplies, and LED Drivers for a wide range of demanding industry applications including telecom, industrial, medical, lighting, utility, railway, and military.

Enedo’s story began in March 1975 in Finland. Since then, Enedo has grown from a six person engineering office to a truly global organization, operating on four continents and serving customers worldwide.

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